Individual Sessions Online

Welcome to Individual Sessions online! Here, you can work from the comfort of your home in a private and safe environment.

Our individual session will last for 90 minutes, and during this time, we will explore the issue you bring and expose the subconscious and hidden patterns behind your challenges. Even if you are unsure of the problem or feel confused and lost, we can still work on this situation. Sometimes confusion is the block holding us back.

What happens after the session?

Each person will experience something unique during a Constellation session. It is recommended that you keep the Constellation private by not sharing it with others and take time to rest, and allow the new image to settle in. Sometimes there will be anchoring exercises recommended. Allow yourself plenty of time to feel the shift by holding on to the new image; that’s how you integrate the work done.

How to prepare for the private Family Constellation session?

After registering for the session, you will receive a questionnaire regarding yourself and your family. Take the time to answer the questionnaire and send it back to me at least one day before our meeting. I work with this questionnaire before our meeting.

Bring a water bottle and a small snack if you need a quick bite.

Wagner de Oliveira

The Family Constellation has been a profoundly transformative experience in which I can deeply understand the roots of my challenges. It is a journey of self-discovery that is allowing me to understand and release emotional blocks, resolve conflicts, and cultivate more harmonious and loving connections. I am grateful for this opportunity for the healing and transformation that I am experiencing.

Wagner de Oliveira

Sao Paulo-Brazil

Viviana Hewitt

This year has been challenging, to say the least. While looking for alternative ways to cope, I found Adriana and had an amazing experience! An hour and a half just flew! She clarified and help organize some chaos that although, I wasn’t aware of, it made total sense. I could probably have many more sessions! Adriana is very professional and caring; she really helps to make you feel at ease (in what could be a little unknown situation). I totally recommend her and this experience!

Viviana Hewitt

Family Constellations is a transgenerational approach that explores the individual’s place within their family system. When a family system is balanced, the forces of love and belonging can flow freely, embracing and supporting every member.