What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a methodology developed by Bert Hellinger that looks into personal problems to see how they are related to the family system. In this work, the facilitator, working from the Knowing Field, looks behind the client into their family system, allowing family dynamics to emerge.

Once the unconscious dynamics and destructive family patterns are brought to light, they can be healed. Family Constellations work is a solution-oriented process, and it helps restore order to the family system through love.

Our Mission

A Family Constellation session can reveal entanglements we have with family members, especially those who were excluded. We all have invisible ties that bind us to our family systems.

Our ancestors’ trauma and unresolved emotions are still alive in our system, waiting to be acknowledged and healed

What happened in previous generations matters, and what our ancestors didn’t resolve in their lifetime will be experienced by us out of unconscious loyalty and love for our system. When we inherit our ancestors’ unresolved issues, we become entangled with them, so we are not completely free to live our lives. The entanglements are actualized in the form of limitations, such as physical, mental, or emotional.
The solution comes when we discover the subconscious destructive patterns, beliefs, and emotions we have inherited from our family system and bring order and healing to our system.


Our Vision

Anyone experiencing lack, fear, and doubt in any area of life, such as romantic, professional, or financial, can benefit from a Family Constellation approach. We often find that the root cause of a problem is not with us, but rather it was inherited from our family system. If that is the case, we must work through the systemic lenses within our family energy field to resolve the unbalance. After resolving the problem and balancing the system, we can experience a great energy flow in our lives.

The problems we experience today often result from unprocessed traumas we inherited from past generations. Once we uncover these traumas and unprocessed emotions, we can heal ourselves and our system through a shift in perspective. The work we do within us will also affect our children and future generations. With Family Constellations, we can bring order and healing to our family system.

About Adriana Romero

Adriana Romero is a Family Constellations Facilitator, certified by The Hellinger Institute in Canada. She also has a certification in Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn. Adriana is a Transformational Life Coach certified by the Life Mastery Institute and a Ho’oponopono Practitioner certified by Joe Vitale.

Adriana holds a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and worked in education for most of her life. She has been dedicated to energy healing, self-transformation, and actualization for the past decade. Adriana is the founder of Imaginal One Life Coaching LLC.

Why Family Constellations?

My journey started in 2013 when my life fell apart. I felt that my reality was suddenly replaced by emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical chaos. Feeling sick in all areas of life, profoundly dissatisfied and lost, I wanted a way out.

Looking for answers to what seemed to be insurmountable problems, I started by learning from the masters in the personal growth field, such as Bob Proctor. I attended many seminars from the Proctor Gallagher Institute and studied with programs that helped me shift my paradigms and mindset. I attended in-person events and learned from self-improvement programs with Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Brendon Burchard. I participated in many Dream Builder Live events with Mary Morrissey, which opened the doors for me to become a transformational coach. I learned NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and dedicated many years practicing mind mastering techniques, visualization, and the law of attraction.

Slowly, I realized that working with the mind was only the first step into a much deeper journey; the journey to the heart. I wanted profound healing of my emotional body, and I needed to transmute my painful past into a meaningful and harmonious present. So I started my journey into energy healing by learning and practicing EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra healing, sound healing, and other energy healing modalities I learned with different teachers.

I expanded my spiritual life and went deep into Ho’oponopono’s daily practices. Once I opened my heart, I could feel how rapidly my life changed. After years of work on self-healing and consciousness expansion, I noticed something was missing. I felt stuck again and could not move to the next level. I faced the invisible wall of resistance, and I didn’t know what to do next.

During meditation, I asked the universe what I needed to do next to move forward. The answer came during a synchronicity moment where the universe answered my question: Family Constellations! I knew very little about this methodology at the time, but I trusted my inner guidance. I started my training with Family Constellations, and I found everything I was looking for and didn’t know it. There it was, the golden key to the inner chambers of my family system.

My life shifted even more rapidly and deeply from the beginning of my training, and it has never stopped. Each day living from the systemic view is a new day for healing, insights, and shifts. As the inner blocks are dissolved, my life moves forward gently.

And the journey continues with joy!

Thank you, mom and dad, for everything you gave me.
Thank you, ancestors. You paved the way for me.

The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.

Bert Hellinger

Family Constellations is a transgenerational approach that explores the individual’s place within their family system. When a family system is balanced, the forces of love and belonging can flow freely, embracing and supporting every member.